How Will Permanent Fat Reduction Change Your Life?


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CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive, fat reduction treatment.

Also known as Cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting® permanently removes stubborn fat cells that stop responding to diet and exercise.
Have you been eating all the right foods and exercising yet still can’t see the results that you deserve? Or maybe your once slim figure has changed after menopause even though you haven’t changed your diet or lifestyle? Perhaps as a man you’ve felt like you’ve got a “girly” shape to your flanks or chest. Or even if you don’t exercise but you just want to contour your body for comfort reasons like to stop inner thigh chafe.
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You have come to the right place, we may have the answer you’ve been looking for! CoolSculpting or Cryolipolysis, is a non surgical fat reduction treatment that delivers PERMANENT results. There is minimal downtime and it is very discreet. Most people could easily do a gym session after their treatment. There is no need to take time off work or your busy schedule. It is completely non invasive and will not scar or require incisions.

It’s almost too good to be true...

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Who Receives CoolSculpting® Therapy from Body Sculpt Clinic?

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Most Requested Contour Areas Of The Body

Flanks / Sides
Bra Fat

Body Sculpt Clinic treats anyone holding on to stubborn fat

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CoolSculpting® is a Discreet, non-surgical fat - freezing Therapy
Take a long lunch, step into our clinic, and return to work without anyone discovering your best kept secret

Meet Katrina, your body contour specialist.

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Katrina has been a CoolSculpting specialist since 2013. Her experience started while working for an elite Plastic Surgeon in Toowoomba. From here Katrina developed an expertise eye for body contouring and gained the skills for delivering the best results for her clients

Quickly becoming number one CoolSculpting clinician in Australia, put her in the attention of the CoolSculpting distributor landing her a position as a clinical trainer for the company. Katrina was also the first Australian chosen to attend CoolSculpting university in San Francisco. Finally, after settling back down in her hometown at the Sunshine Coast, Katrina opened Body Sculpt Clinic in 2019.

Katrina is with you every step of the way from your initial consultation to your final review. She ensures the entire process is a wonderful experience that makes you feel informed, safe and delighted with your results.
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Sneak a peek at the most popular Coolsculpting treatment areas

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It’s a proven fact that CoolSculpting works and works WELL! But your treatment is only as good as your clinician performing it. Placement and selection of applicators can make all the difference in your results.

Katrina has performed over 5,000 treatments and continues to update her skills and applicators to ensure she is delivering the absolute best, world class technology for your outstanding results. Be aware of imitations, genuine CoolSculpting is the original Cryolipolysis technology which is medical grade and cleared by the TGA and FDA to safely and permanently kill fat cells.

You are in very experienced, safe hands with Katrina at Body Sculpt Clinic.
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